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Life Is Godot

Tired of seeing well-heeled hispter tourists exclaiming Life is Good? Fire back with this existentialist take.

Sparkling? Seriously?

Vampires do NOT sparkle. What's next? Mummies in Armani scarves? Let's put a stop to this nonsense before it gets out of control. (Brought to you by the Vampire Anti-Defamation League)

Klaatu, Barada, Nietzsche!

"Gort is dead!" -- Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead!" -- Gort

Born To Be Bad Blake

An unofficial and unauthorized homage to the Thomas Cobb novel, CRAZY HEART (with the author's blessing, though). Now a major motion picture starring Jeff Bridges from Fox Searchlight.


Sometimes people need fair warning about who or what is coming their way. At least with this, no one can say they were surprised.


Cinnamon Toast

Really, is there anything better? This is a breakfast favorite at The Merry Blacksmith Press.


Coming soon, vinyl stickers and frameable prints.

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