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Be sure to check out the webpages of some of TumbleTaps friends, partners, supporters and relations.

The Far Off Worlds of John Teehan - The publisher's personal blog

MarlaMason.net - The official Marla Mason website

Timpratt.org - Author of the Marla Mason series

Michael Jasper - Webpage of the author of The Wannoshay Cycle

Typosphere - Website of Ron Collins, author of some fantastic short stories

Authors - Bud Webster - From the Baen website, a look at anthology authority Bud Webster

Connie Wilson - Author of It Came From the 70s and Hellfire & Damnation

TumbleTap - Graphics novels related geekery. Check out Rogue Satellite Comics and Oz Squad!

Polished Pages - Quality freelance copyediting, proofing, and illustration.

BearManor Media - Home to somevery fine books on a variety of fun subjects from film and television to voice acting and old-time radio.

Forces of Geek - The very best in geek culture writing!

Castle Freak Midnight Movie Double Feature - From Rogue Satellite creator Chris Reilly--classic movie double features


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