Queen of Nothing by TA Pratt


Cover by Jenn Reese

New from TA Pratt, creator of Marla Mason and author of Bride of Death and Lady of Misrule.

When a vile spirit awakens in the underworld, only sorcerer (and part-time death god) Marla Mason can save the world from devastation.

From Queen of Nothing:

She laughed. “I’m a trickster god, Rondeau. There are lots of us, waxing and waning in power, but I must say, I’m pretty ascendant these days. Coyote and Kokopelli and Loki are all still around, but they’re shaped and tethered by some old ideas. I’m the god of layoffs and winning lottery tickets, of finding your soulmate on an online dating site and getting murdered by internet trolls, of sentient algorithms and disruptive technologies. I’m the god of the singularity, the unevenly distributed future, climate change and private space flight. I’m the god of the edge, Rondeau, where everything teeters and everything bleeds.”

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