Tuners by Matt Howarth

Tuners_cover_frontOmigosh! Yes! A new book by Matt Howarth now available!

Welcome to Tuners. Afterburn is a pirate radio station struggling to entertain and reunite the post-holocaust human survivors in a savage wasteland full of mutants and crazies. When a Quiet Man attack wipes out their tribe, a group of orphaned youths embark on a pilgrimage in search of the hidden pirate radio station. Along the way they will encounter a mysterious prairie traveler and his opinionated two-headed cat… and adventure, monsters, romance, and deadly threats.

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About the Author

Perhaps best known as the writer/artist of the “Those Annoying Post Bros.” comic book series, Matt Howarth has many outlets for his twisted creativity. And all of them are notoriously “strange”.

During his career of three decades, Matt has authored and drawn a variety of unconventional comic books and graphic novels, and contributed graphic fiction to numerous publications in the field of comics and science fiction…and music. For, among all of Matt’s creative outlets, there runs the insidious influence of alternative and electronic music. He has found several ways to achieve this crossover of diverse genres.