2050: Gods of Little Earth (vol. 1)


by J. Zornado

2050: Gods of Little Earth opens two thousand years after the fall of civilization, when a wanderer named Vilb sets out on a pilgrimage and discovers that he may be little more than a pawn of mysterious gods—remnants of ancient beings who have been waiting for this very moment to fulfill their destiny.

Vilb’s story explores in a post-apocalyptic Antarctica, which, though habitable, has fallen into perpetual drought. The lack of water and food has set this new “Little Earth” on a course for crisis, and Vilb holds— though he hardly knows it—both its cause and its resolution. Vilb is on a journey for information and for self-discovery. Understanding his own past is critical if his crisis is to be understood. Now he learns about the history of Little Earth at the critical year from which it emerged: 2050 a.d.

Epic in scope, speculative in theme, and character-driven, 2050: Gods of Little Earth, A Future History, Volume 1 is an engaging and thoughtful read.

Volumes 2 and 3 to appear in 2015!

Volume 1 now available for order. $16.95 + 3.00 US shipping