Past Masters

& other Bookish Natterings

by Bud Webster

NEW from Bud Webster! Past Masters and Other Bookish Natterings collects some of the very best of Bud Webster’s columns and author profiles drawn from a broad knowledge of the field of literary science fiction and fantasy. Bud is the final word on genre scholarship, and that has never been more evident than in this collection.

Leigh Brackett • Clifford D. Simak • Murray Leinster • Cyril M. Kornbluth • H. Beam Piper • Eric Frank Russell • R.A. Lafferty • Fredric Brown • Hal Clement • Tom Reamy • Catherine L. Moore • Nelson Bond • Zenna Henderson • Cordwainer Smith • Edgar Pangborn • Henry Kuttner • Judith Merril • William Tenn • Stanley G. Weinbaum • plus many Curiosities and other Natterings
Introduction by Mike Resnick

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“Bud Webster’s celebrations of science fiction’s past are glorious!”
– Gordon Van Gelder, editor,
The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

“Bud Webster, a Present Master, has given his soul to historical reconstruction, an area our beloved field needs more than ever. He manages this gorgeously. Irreplaceably.”
– Barry Malzberg, author and critic

“I can guarantee that everyone with an interest in science fiction will find things they want to know in this work. I sure did. Good reading.”
– Jerry Pournelle, author and essayist

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