Western Promise

and Other Tales of Interstellar Cynicism

by Matt Howarth

Long-celebrated comic artist and writer extraordinaire Matt Howarth returns with a new collection of 25 classic and all-new science fiction stories. Western Promise explores the very boundaries of imagination and wonder with worlds beyond, aliens like no other, and stories without peer.

Buckle in. Seal that space suit. Charge that blaster. It will do you no good. Nothing can prepare you for the universe of Matt Howarth.


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$15.00 + $5.50 shipping – Non-US orders

Table of Contents

Publisher’s Introduction (by John Teehan)

  • Western Promise
  • Venial Passions
  • Foxx-Hole
  • Out-Foxxed
  • Spike*
  • Mercurial Spin
  • War Mind
  • Mind War
  • Solar Piracy
  • Sacred Ground
  • The Senile Alien
  • I Steel Luv Lucy
  • The Last of the Neon Cynics
  • Pas de Deux
  • Territorial Imperative
  • Yidam
  • In Too Deep
  • Incident in Orbit*
  • Stalking Arr
  • Deadly Twinkle*
  • Wish We Were There
  • Symbiosis
  • Mobius Instructions
  • Patience
  • Folding Logic

*original to this collection

Notes From the Attic (by Matt Howarth)

Also from Matt Howarth and the Merry Blacksmith Press:

About the Author

Perhaps best known as the writer/artist of the “Those Annoying Post Bros.” comic book series, Matt Howarth has many outlets for his twisted creativity. And all of them are notoriously “strange”.

During his career of three decades, Matt has authored and drawn a variety of unconventional comic books and graphic novels, and contributed graphic fiction to numerous publications in the field of comics and science fiction…and music. For, among all of Matt’s creative outlets, there runs the insidious influence of alternative and electronic music. He has found several ways to achieve this crossover of diverse genres.