Translation Station

by Don D’Ammassa

How alien can alien be?

When is a simple mission ever so simple?

What lies beyond the hyperspatial plain?

What, indeed?

Don D’Ammassa, author of over a hundred short stories and novels, noted reviewer and essayist, has long been a fixture in the world of science fiction literature. This collection offers up seventeen stories of the fantastic. Of space and beyond. Of adventure.

“A Good Offense”
“Diplomatic Relations”
“Funeral Party”
“Getting with the Program”
“Translation Station”
“The Man Who Walked to Procyon”
“No Distance Too Great”
“Jack the Martian”
“Adding It Up”
“Actual Mode”
“Remotely Possible”
“Duck and Cover”
“Chronic Pain”
“Curing Agent”
“The Natural World”

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