17 Failed Stories and What They Taught Me

by Tobias Buckell

Cover by Gail Cross

New York Times Bestseller Tobias S. Buckell has published 45 short stories in various magazines and anthologies. But in the process of learning how to sell those 45, he wrote over 100 short stories that failed in a variety of ways while learning the craft.

In Nascence, he reprints 17 failed stories written from 1996-2004 and details some of the major failings of the stories that led him to abandon them, and what he learned from those failures moving forward.

Nascence isn’t just a look at how stories fail, but also a look the beginnings of Buckell’s fictional worlds and the stories he was trying to tell at the very start.

“ I found Nascence to have more impact upon me than, say, Stephen King’s On Writing.” – Escape Pod

“I’ve read a lot of books on how to write fiction and few have been as consistently useful as Nascence was in explaining where stories can go wrong. Writers everywhere will find this a useful reference and even non-writers who like Buckell’s work will find the autobiographical story of how he came to be a successful author interesting. A very interesting concept for a collection that’s been produced very well.” – SF Crowsnest

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