The Gods of Mars

by Edgar Rice Buroughs

Airships! Alien Battles! Adventure! Return To Barsoom! John Carter, hero of the Martian nation of Helium, has been back on Earth for ten years, forcibly separated from his beloved Dejah Thoris and their son. He has now returned…but returned where? Instead of arriving at his adopted home city, John Carter finds himself in the Valley of Dor-where Martians go to their final resting place! John Carter must now battle plant men, pirates, and false gods in order to gain his freedom, and freedom for all of the Martians enslaved by the evil goddess of Barsoom, Issus. This high adventure takes him along rivers and through the sky. Along the way he meets old comrades, new friends, and makes shocking discoveries as he seeks to rescue his beloved Dejah Thoris from the Temple of the Sun! This is Edgar Rice Burroughs at his very best.

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