where I’m coming from

Poetry by Jay Walker


Jay Walker is reaching out to the world through his poetry, speaking on world issues and reflecting on all the aspects & events of his life and his art. Where I’m Coming From is not a love letter to Rhode Island; it’s a declaration of the status of his emotional journey to the ultimate destination of peace, love & nakedness for all.

“Jay Walker is truly a poet. When I read his words I feel whole, healed, and inspired. Within his book I found pieces of myself and am encouraged in my own art to provide the same. Jay Walker and his words are a gift to humanity. This writer knows the power of poetry and the importance of its use. His work is directed to the soul and I am grateful to have experienced such art.”

– Kal Champlain aka 5th Elament:
Co-founder of Isis Storm,
Hip-Hop artist, poet, educator


“Mr. Walker doesn’t let…his audience get away with just using the words in his work; they have to know them & where they come from, much like a Cole Porter lyric.”

– Gary O’Neal
Executive Director, The Valley Artists Collective
Editor, The Valley Record
Chairman, The Winchester, NH School Board


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