Picasso’s Cat & Other Stories

The Collected Science Fiction of Ron Collins

We are very pleased to present this collection of incredible and thoughtful science fiction stories by award-winning writer Ron Collins. The collection is introduced by Mike Resnick, and each story comes with a short commentary by the author. These stories have appeared in such magazines and anthologies as Writers of the Future,AnalogArtemisAsimov’s SF, and Nature.

Introduction by Mike Resnick
“The Disappearance of Josie Andrew”
“Just Business”
“The Test of Time”
“Stealing the Sun”
“The Taranth Stone”
“Parchment in Glass”
“Echoes in a Shattering Silence”
“A Matter of Pride”
“Learning the Language”
“The Vacation”
“Out of the Blue”
“1 is True”
“Picasso’s Cat”

This is the first time all of these stories have been gathered together into one volume. This is your chance to read the short fiction of one of the most exciting science fiction writers today!

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