Where the Shadows Began & Other Stories

by Bradley H. Sinor

Everywhere you turn, there are shadows… of people, of places that you have been, of places you are going. Sometimes those shadows are of things that you want to remember, but other times of things you want to forever forget. If you so choose to look into that place where the shadows begin, you might see…

  • A theatre where the play’s the thing and nightmares perform.
  • Fog that, if you walk into, you will come out to find the world changed—and that you must face the greatest killer of an age.
  • How the burden of legend, honor and the pain of love lost stretches down through the ages.
  • The sands of a beach where choices made cannot be unmade.
  • A tale as old as time—from an unexpected point of view.
  • Who cleans up after the titans clash?

History is a plaything, and legends…more so. Bradley H. Sinor has proven once again that he is a master when it comes to spinning stories out of the shadows. With such characters as Howard Lovecraft, Jack Kennedy, Cindarella, Professor Moriarty, Lancelot, Guinevere, Galahad, and other assorted knights, wizards, priests, robbers, and creatures from out of this world, Where the Shadows Began & Other Stories is more than just a collection of excellent short fantasy fiction, it’s a journey and an adventure unto itself.

Table of Contents

  1. “Where the Shadows Began”
  2. “Late Night Double Feature”
  3. “Lines In the Sand”
  4. “Serpent’s Tooth” (with Susan P. Sinor)
  5. “The Adventure of the Other Detective”
  6. “Location Shoot”
  7. “Wind and Shadow”
  8. “And the Wind Sang”
  9. “Oaths”
  10. “Central Park”
  11. “Final Score”
  12. “John Doe #12”
  13. “Skimming Stones”
  14. “Money’s Worth”
  15. “When To Step Away”
  16. Backstage: An Afterword

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