Anthopology 101

by Bud Webster

Reflections, Inspections and Dissections of SF Anthologies


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What do some of the biggest names in SF have to say about Bud Webster’s Anthopology 101?

“At last! The definitive collection of Bud Webster’s informative and enlightening columns from the pages of the SFWA Bulletin. Good reading about writing.” — Ben Bova

“Bud Webster illuminates an important part of science fiction’s history with a lively, well-informed, and appreciative look at the anthologists who have collected and preserved much of sf’s short fiction.” — Pamela Sargent

“These essays have been appearing for several years now and comprise the first (and always best) body of work on the science fiction anthology, our truest engine of the night. Bud Webster’s scholarship and good humor have brought our history to vibrant life.” — Barry Malzberg

“Thanks to the work of a little group of knowledgeable and discerning anthologists over the past sixty years, the vast storehouse of short-story treasure contained in the ephemeral science fiction magazines of the twentieth century has been preserved for modern readers. Now, with great industry and splendid scholarship, Bud Webster goes behind the scenes to show us how these dedicated anthologists went about their tasks.” — Robert Silverberg

Bud Webster has, for years, established himself as an aficinado and expert on the vast sea of anthologies that appear in the SF world. He has written columns for The SFWA BulletinNew York Review of Science FictionThe Magazine of Fantasy & Science FictionHelixJim Baen’s Universe, and many other publications. Collected here for the first time are twenty-five of his Anthopology 101 columns in which he reflects, inspects, and dissects some of the most note-worthy anthologies in the science fiction field:

  1. The Pohl Star
  2. 41 Above the Rest: An Index to the Anthologies of Groff Conklin
  3. The Best of Time and Space
  4. Pocketbooks and Portable Libraries
  5. The Deans’ List(s)
  6. From B(allantine) to Z(acherley)
  7. Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun
  8. Eureka!
  9. The (Non)Final Stage
  10. Time, and Time Again
  11. The Real Macabre
  12. They Blinded Us…With Science!
  13. Of Purest Ray Serene
  14. Two Steps Beyond
  15. Kids’ Stuff
  16. The Books That Saved SFWA
  17. Antho-POHL-ogy 101: You Figure It Out (Part the First)
  18. Antho-POHL-ogy 102: Oh, My Stars and Galaxies! (Part the Second)
  19. SaM’s Club (and How He Wielded It)
  20. Three Nines Fine
  21. More Nines Finer
  22. D-73 – A (Sp)Ace Oddity
  23. Make Room for the Stainless-Steel, Technicolor Transatlantic Anthologist (Hurrah!) Part 1
  24. Make Room for the Stainless-Steel, Technicolor Transatlantic Anthologist (Hurrah!) Part 2
  25. WoWie, and Likewise ZoWie (Party of the First Part)
  26. WoWie, and Likewise ZoWie (Party of the Second Part, or “You No Fool-a Me, Boss, There Ain’t No Sanity Claus”)

With introduction by celebrated anthologist Mike Ashley, this is a must-have for serious students and fans of science fiction.