The Merry Blacksmith Press at Boskone 49!

In the southern New England area and looking for a good time? Why not visit Boskone 49, Boston’s #1 regional SF/F con.

The special Guest of Honor this year is none other than John Scalzi–one of the hottest, most talented writers of the past ten years, opinionated raconteur, and current SFWA president. He’s also known for having once taped bacon to a cat.

Other guests include Jerry Pournelle, Daniel dos Santos, Toni Weisskopf, Bruce Schneier, and Trixie Pixie. There will be the usual load of great programming material as well as one heck of an art show and dealers room.

And if you gander about the dealers room this year… you’ll find us! We’ll be bringing along all of our great titles and offering special deals all through the weekend.

When and where? ¬†February 17-19, 2012 at the¬†Boston Westin Waterfront. Check out the Boskone 49 website for more details, and we’ll SEE YOU THERE!

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