Some favorite books for autumn reading…

promopicsOutstanding titles for your consideration and enjoyment. Now that the tyranny of summer has passed, it’s time to enjoy the emerging fall season with these great reads.

Closing Doors by TA Pratt is the final installment of the wildly popular Marla Mason series. Monsters, banter, moral and physical jeopardy, jokes, thrills, and tragedies await!

It’s Halloween in Salem and there is murder in the air. Rory O’Brien’s Gallows Hill perfectly captures the character of Salem in this engaging mystery–suitable for reading any time of the year.

2050: Gods of Little Earth by Joseph Zornado is the first volume of a trilogy that sweeps across millennia and explores a possible future Earth that’s starting to get a little too close for comfort. Timely and captivating!

In Everybody Dies Tomorrow by master storyteller Matt Howarth, Detective Barry Windsor stumbles across the beginning of a zombie holocaust…or has he? Everything seemed too real to be a dream, but too unbelieveable to be real, yet there he was—surrounded by the undead. Until he wasn’t. And zombies weren’t the only threat out there. Perfect Halloween-season reading.

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