Breaking In the New Intern and Moving Forward

It has admittedly been a challenging year while breaking in our new intern Jack. New titles have slowed and we’ve not made it to many events this past year. That said, however, I’m happy to announce that we have a couple of new titles arriving before the end of the year. Special titles that are going to be perfect for the upcoming holiday season. And we’re talkingĀ amongst ourselves about what’s coming out in 2018 and what events we’ll be appearing at.


Jack forgetting that our dress code requires shoes.

So if we’ve been a bit too quiet for the past year, we’re blaming it on the new intern. Yeah, that’s the ticket.*

*We’re not really blaming Jack for anything. Dear old dad and humble publisher took some time in balancing the schedule. Happy to say we’re moving forward!

Stay tuned for announcements on new titles, events, and other items of interest.



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