Now Available! Letters From Gardner

GardnerLettersCovMedNow available for order!

This book is hard to classify, difficult to categorize.

If you flip randomly through the pages, you’re most likely to think it is a short fiction collection, specifically of science fiction and fantasy stories.

But look some more, and you might think it’s a how-to book, the topic being How to Break Into Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy.

On the other hand, you’d be justified in thinking it’s a memoir of a kind, of one author’s efforts to break in as a published science fiction and fantasy author.

Finally, you could even be forgiven in thinking it’s a history, telling the tale of the last days when science fiction and fantasy original fiction was mostly propagated in print, not pixels, in real magazines made of paper compounded from ground up trees.

You’d be right in all cases, because this book combines all those threads and tells a narrative I hope you will find interesting combined with science fiction and fantasy stories I know you will find entertaining.

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Available for order – GALLOWS HILL by Rory O’Brien

We’re very happy to announce that Gallows Hill by Rory O’Brien is now available for order!

First day back on the job, and there’s a corpse hanging at the infamous Gallows Hill in Salem, Massachusetts.

In therapy and still shaken after having killed a suspect, introverted police detective Andrew Lennox hasn’t revealed the full story behind the shooting that sent him into therapy and put him on Xanax. He and his partner soon discover that the hanged man is the lost heir of the Musgraves, an old family with a twisted history, who deny all knowledge of the victim. Solving the case takes Lennox through the colorful byways of modern Salem, a city still haunted by its own dark history of Puritan hysteria and witch-hunting zealots. He must deal with Halloween tourists, self-styled witches, college students, tarot readers, local politicians, retired cops and recent immigrants. Lennox discovers that everyone in Salem keeps secrets, and some will kill to keep them.

Gallows Hill is available for order here, or via Amazon (by Feb 13) or your local bookstore (within a couple of short weeks).

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Locus 2013 Recommended Reading

Congratulations to Tim Pratt and Bud Webster who each have a Merry Blacksmith title on the 2013 Locus Recommended Reading List. Way to go!

Tim Pratt’s Antiquities and Tangibles: And Other Stories is a collection of 23 incredible works of science fiction and fantasy including such favorites as “The River Boy,” “A Programmatic Approach to Perfect Happiness,” and a special Marla Mason story, “Cages”.

Past Masters and Other Bookish Natterings collects together some of Bud Webster’s best columns and author profiles from a lifetime of devoted scholarship in the field of speculative fiction–a must for researchers and fans alike.

Both can be ordered here, on Amazon, through your local bookstore… or maybe you’ll find us at a nearby convention.

Congrats to both Tim and Bud!

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Wanted: Biographies of Female Writers

Catherine Lucille (C.L.) Moore, 1911-1987

A recent conversation I had on Facebook about biographies led to me wondering I don’t run across many biographies or autobiographies of female writers–particularly from the genre community. While this could easily be a personal failing on my part for not being aware enough, it didn’t take long to confirm that there really is a shortage–but there is no shortage when it comes to female genre writers. Sure, there are collections of biographical essays which contain women, but none that I could readily find solely about women or even equally about women. And again… it’s not like there’s a shortage.

So, with that in mind, we’d like to welcome any submissions of biographical works, essay collections, comics, or the like featuring female genre writers.  Drop us a line at


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Bride of Death arrives!

The very latest from Tim Pratt is here and ready for order. Say hello to the Bride of Death!

Marla Mason has been a mercenary, chief sorcerer and protector of an entire city, and an occult detective, and now she’s a goddess of Death… but only part-time. She gets to spend six months a year living as a mortal woman on Earth, and she’s decided to devote those months to hunting monsters for fun and personal redemption. Armed with axe and dagger, with the living severed head of her worst enemy in a birdcage for a traveling companion, she sets off by motorcycle into the American Southwest on a journey of self-discovery and other-destruction.

Copies are now available for order. This book is a hell of a ride, you won’t regret hopping on. Oh, and stay tuned for the next Marla Mason adventure coming this fall!


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New Book and New… um…. News


So, yeah… been a quiet autumn, but winter is starting to pick up. Right out of the gate we’re announcing a new book now available for order: our third collection from the unrestrained mind of cartoonist Timothy C. Lockley… When Cliches Collide. Now available!

What else is coming? Well we’re hammering out some details, but there are some great books on the way: An incredible mystery set in a rather infamous New England town. A collection of stories and their accompanying notes from well-known editors. And hey… something new from Matt Howarth. Want more? More is coming… details as they can be revealed. Stay a’tuned here and at our Facebook page.


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Past Masters by Bud Webster – Now available for pre-order

Past Masters and Other Bookish Natterings is the latest collection by Bud Webster featuring the very best of his Past Masters and Curiousities columns, as well as Alternate Dialogues with Jerry Pournelle and more. This edition also features an introduction by Hugo award winner Mike Resnick.

This book is available for pre-order and first shipments will go out in two weeks. You can also find us at Readercon where we should have the book in hand and available for sale.

It doesn’t get much better than this! (Oh, and you can read the preface here… for free!)

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Taking orders for Tim Pratt’s latest books!

Looking for the latest by Tim Pratt? Sure, you could go to Amazon or you could hunt us down at a convention… but you could also just order straight from us. Right here.

Right now.

And why not? These are some great books, and we have the ordering pages all updated. Take a monent and flip through some links to get the skinny on The Nex (great YA reading, great reading for all ages), Bone Shop (a Marla Mason novel that answers a lot of questions), and Antiquities & Tangibles and Other Stories featuring many of your favorite short works by Tim Pratt as well as a number of new stories.

As they say ’round these parts… Finest Kind.

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Western Promise and Tables of Contents


We’ve got the order page up and running for Western Promise, and, by request, we’ve posted the Tables of Contents for both Western Promise and My Name Is Lesion. An asterisk in the table lists a story that is original to the collection–never having appeared before in print.

That’s a lot of great Matt Howarth up there!

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At Arisia!

We’re having a grand time at Arisia in Boston–meeting many fine folk, enjoying many a fine spectacle in costuming, and selling books! A lot of folk have been grabbing our business cards and promising to check out our website. I’m just letting y’all know that the first order of business when I sit back to my desk Tuesday morning is making sure all of the book pages are up to date, and that we’ve added all of the latest titles. We’ve had a request to include some Tables of Contents to some of the fiction and comic collections, so we’ll be doing that as well.

Good times! A more full report after we get home and sleep for twelve hours.


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