Queen of Nothing is here!

QueenOfNothing_frontNew from TA Pratt, creator of Marla Mason and author of Bride of Death and Lady of Misrule.

When a vile spirit awakens in the underworld, only sorcerer (and part-time death god) Marla Mason can save the world from devastation.

From Queen of Nothing:

She laughed. “I’m a trickster god, Rondeau. There are lots of us, waxing and waning in power, but I must say, I’m pretty ascendant these days. Coyote and Kokopelli and Loki are all still around, but they’re shaped and tethered by some old ideas. I’m the god of layoffs and winning lottery tickets, of finding your soulmate on an online dating site and getting murdered by internet trolls, of sentient algorithms and disruptive technologies. I’m the god of the singularity, the unevenly distributed future, climate change and private space flight. I’m the god of the edge, Rondeau, where everything teeters and everything bleeds.”

Now available for order!

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It Was the Bottom of the Fifth…

BottomFifth_coverO yez, o yez! A brand spanking new volume (our fifth!) of thigh-slappingly hilarious cartoons from the master of wordplay, Timothy C. Lockley! You’ve seen his work before in On Facebook… Everybody Knows You’re a Dog and When Cliches Collide.

backcoverIt Was the Bottom of the Fifth and the Bassist Was Loaded features over 300 new cartoons to enjoy, all lovingly crafted and curated. Now available just in time for the holidays.


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Summerland by Rory O’Brien now available!

Summerland_cover_frontGilded Age Newport…
Millionaires and robber barons come to spend the season in their opulent mansions while their wives throw lavish balls and gossip over afternoon tea. In 1893, the toast of the town is a spirit-medium—just returned from Europe—who now summons the departed to the marble mansions and wealthy parlors of the summer colonists. Her success attracts the attention of a retired stage magician who has made his name exposing psychic charlatans. He decides to travel to Newport to effect one last dramatic unmasking.

From Rory O’Brien, author of the highly acclaimed Gallows Hill, comes a new novel, Summerland. Now available for order.

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Author Event – 2050: A Future History by Joseph Zornado


Visit our Event Page on Facebook!

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Two new great titles for November

Stay tuned over the next few days and weeks for ordering information on two of our latest titles. First up is our fifth volume of cartoons by the master of wordplay Timothy Lockley.


Next up is the latest from Rory O’Brien, author of the popular Gallows Hill. In this novel, Rory takes on a mystery set in Gilded Age Newport and the world of spirit-mediums. Look for Summerland coming soon!


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New for July 2015!


Just in time for Readercon! We are completing the 2050: A Future History trilogy by J. Zornado with 2050: When Immortals Reign.  Also now available for order is a new, yes NEW, Matt Howarth novel. Tuners follows an adventurous band of orphans in a post-holocaust world searching for a pirate radio station while avoiding Quiet Men and other hazards.

Both books are available to order now through this website or via Amazon or your local bookstore. We’ll also have copies with us at Readercon in Burlington, MA July 9-12.

See you there!

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Now available… 2050: The Power At the Bottom of the World (vol. 2)

2050_2_webNow available for order, the second volume of J. Zornado’s captivating 2050: A Future History trilogy.

What power rules the world? Two thousand years after the fall of civilization, Vilb continues his epic journey, desperately in search of his humanity in a post-human world.

With explorations of both Earth of 2050 and the new world he lives in millenia later, Vilb Solenthay and a memorable cast of characters continue to unravel the mysteries of Little Earth.

Keys found in the past could unlock knowledge of the present, and reveal the secrets to future.

The third volume in the trilogy, When Immortals Reign, will be available in July of 2015!

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Marla Mason is back! Lady of Misrule

Yep! A new Marla Mason book from TA Pratt is on its way for the 2015 season. We’re in the final proof stages and the book will be available for order as soon as the start of April.

LadyMisrule_cover_front_webIn Lady of Misrule, Marla awakens for her month on Earth and finds her allies missing, and an old enemy causing trouble in her home city of Felport. If that wasn’t bad enough, a charming gentlemen from beyond the multiverse has decided that murdering gods might make for an amusing pastime. He figures he will start with Marla. Now, with the help of her former apprentice Bradley Bowman, Marla must rescue her friends, crush her enemies, and eliminate the aforementioned existential threat—before her month runs out and she returns to the underworld.

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The Original Action Pack!

Battles and airships and alien gods (oh, my)!


For our next holiday season offer, we bring you some old-school high adventure!

Join displaced Earthman John Carter as he explores Barsoom and gets caught up in ancient intrigue and powerful, planet-wide forces. This is where adventure starts, and for a very limited time, we’re offering all three of the original trilogy of books for only $15.oo plus $4.00 shipping. Don’t miss out on this incredible deal.

See our Holiday Specials page for details.

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New Holiday Deal! The Writer’s Twofer


From now until January 5th, you can order our two books aimed specifically at aspiring writers: Nascence by Tobias Buckell and Letters From Gardner: A Writer’s Odyssey by Lou Antonelli for only $20 plus shipping. They also make great gifts for your fellow writers.

For more information on these great titles, and for ordering, visit our December Holiday Specials page.

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